Rock it! Rocket is more than a music program.

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Early childhood education meets professional rock band in this nonstop musical adventure! It's like Sesame Street Live, but with songs grown ups like, too!   Sing, dance, play instruments, and make believe as we journey through space with our friendly puppet companions.  Become a rock-it-eer and explore creative movement, beginning music theory, early literacy & math, imagination play, and more!  Sing, dance, play instruments & make believe while learning a life-long love of music.

Each week, a new adventure awaits...

GENRES: From hard rock to opera to country to disco, to French/German/Italian, we cover it all!

INSTRUMENTS: Tambourines, guiros, shakers, bells, drums, and more!

LITERACY: Letter of the day, Word of the day, Story of the day

MAKE BELIEVE: Dress up as a butterfly, build a town,  make giant spaghetti & meatballs!

MUSICAL LESSON: Jump on a giant piano to learn scales, drum on a bumpy ball, sing under a parachute!

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